Methods for Applying Stain: Brushing/Rolling vs. Spraying

staining deck rollerBrush/Roller: We highly recommend using a brush to apply stain to your product. It’s an easy way to ensure that you have covered every part of your wood, and that you do an even coat. It can take a little more time but it’s cost effective because you have little to no wasted product. It’s a common misconception that brushing stain onto wood creates a lot of runs, but as long as you pay close attention and backbrush it’s easy to wipe over them to create an even application. Some people prefer to use a roller to apply their stain, which is also a great method as long as you backbrush to avoid pooling and runs.

Spraying: Although spraying stain is a commonly used practice, but we do not recommend doing it. For air spayers, Over-Spraythe air used in the sprayer causes the stain to dry before hitting your wood product. Although it may look great at first, the stain is actually unable to soak into the wood properly, which takes away the protective capabilities of the stain. If you do choose to spray your stain, ensure that you use an airless sprayer, which prevents the stain from drying before it hits your product. There is also a decent amount of waste when spraying stain, which can become quite costly.


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