Deck-Drive™ DSV WOOD Screw

Deck-Drive™ DSV WOOD Screw
Common Application: Preservative-Treated Decking and Exterior Wood-to-Wood Applications


The DSV screw is a powerful fastening solution for preservative-treated decking applications. With its under-head nibs and fast-start tip, the DSV is ideally suited to be driven and countersunk into today’s wood deck boards. The shank is designed to withstand the swelling and shrinkage that is common with fast-growth lumber. Available in hand-drive and in collated strips for use in our Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system, DSV screws are also offered in a variety of sizes to fasten fascia and trim.

  • Low-torque threads allow up to 35% more screws to be driven on a battery charge
  • Ribbed head design countersinks easily and provides a clean, finished appearance
  • High-low tip provides fast starts
  • Optimized threads for dimensional lumber
  • Quik Guard coating provides corrosion resistance for exterior and certain preservative-treated wood applications
  • Available in Tan and Red to blend with many types of wood decking
  • T-25 6-lobe driver bit included (replacement driver bit – BIT25T-2) This screw is also available collated for the Quik Drive® system.
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