How to Attach a Fence Panel

How to Attach a Fence Panel.

It is time to put up your new fence and you’re wondering where to start? Well there is more then one way to do it, since there is many types of panels. We have two main styles, 1×2 and 2×4 framed. We predominantly sell 1×2 framed panels.










To attached a 1×2 framed panel we recommend drilling from outside through the 1×2 with a small drill bit to create a pilot hole. This pilot hole will allow your screw to easily follow a straight path through to your post. We recommend using a longer driver bit, it allows you to reduce the angle in which the screw goes into the panel and post. I tried this for the first time and took some pictures while I was doing it. They are below, and show the steps I mentioned previously.

Drilling PanelPanel AttachmentLong Driver Panel Screw 2 Panel Screw 1

With 2×4 framed panels it is slightly easier. You can just screw straight into the post through the 2×4 frame. Or in the case of the picture below you can screw in on an angle to the post. Remember to drill a pilot hole since it will help the wood from splitting as well as guiding your screw to the idea position.











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