Cedar Shed Site Preparation


Thinking of building a new shed?


Here is a few things to improve your shed experience!

Preparing the area in which you plan on putting your new shed is very important. You want an area that is going to be flat and level. Uneven ground could cause problems in the future of your new shed. The ideal situation would be to pour concrete pad for the shed to go on. Other options include building a platform with a retaining wall and gravel for a level surface.
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Keeping your new shed off the ground is important to avoid rotting. Having it sit in the dirt will encourage the wood to rot faster. Building a foundation for your new shed will also insure that your shed will be level. A lot of people use concrete paver’s on top of a gravel base as you can see in the pictures below. 2011_0412aprshed0111 2011_0412aprshed0112shed-01




























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