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Methods for Applying Stain: Brushing/Rolling vs. Spraying


staining deck rollerBrush/Roller: We highly recommend using a brush to apply stain to your product. It’s an easy way to ensure that you have covered every part of your wood, and that you do an even coat. It can take a little more time but it’s cost effective because you have little to no wasted product. It’s a common misconception that brushing stain onto wood creates a lot of runs, but as long as you pay close attention and backbrush it’s easy to wipe over them to create an even application. Some people prefer to use a roller to apply their stain, which is also a great method as long as you backbrush to avoid pooling and runs.

Spraying: Although spraying stain is a commonly used practice, but we do not recommend doing it. For air spayers, Over-Spraythe air used in the sprayer causes the stain to dry before hitting your wood product. Although it may look great at first, the stain is actually unable to soak into the wood properly, which takes away the protective capabilities of the stain. If you do choose to spray your stain, ensure that you use an airless sprayer, which prevents the stain from drying before it hits your product. There is also a decent amount of waste when spraying stain, which can become quite costly.


Sansin Purity Glacier


Sansin Purity GlacierIf you’re looking for an interior product for protecting your cabinets, shelves, doors, furniture or even flooring look no further because Sansin Purity Interior Glacier is a great two-coat formula that will suit your needs. This finish is highly water resistant and provides UV resistance. It’s a perfect product for interior surfaces that are susceptible to high-wear. Easy soap and water cleanup and the fact that it isn’t flammable make this a great user-friendly product. Having low VOCs makes this a safe and environmentally friendly product. Purity Interior Glacier is available in flat, satin, and gloss finishes.


Sansin Foundation

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Sansin Foundation

One of Sansin’s great products that is often overlooked is called Foundation. It’s a one-coat wood treatment that you apply prior to your choice of stain that creates an excellent protective layer against the elements. It improves the performance of your top coat by preventing discolouration, stabilizing wood components, and reducing warping, shrinkage, and checking. It’s environmentally friendly and is easy to clean up with soap and water. The neutral colour allows you to use any top coat whether you’re looking for a natural or bold colour. It penetrates deeply into the wood, while still allowing it to breathe. This product is highly durable and provides great additional UV protection to your product. The low odour makes it a product that is safe to use indoors.

Sansin Cedar Stain


One of our most popular products that we sell at the Weatherwise Cedar Products store is Sansin stain. We are very excited to carry such a high end product that carries the quality you can trust on your home. They have a range of beautiful colours with rich tones, allowing you to be creative with your colour choice while maintaining trust in the quality of their products. Sansin is an environmentally friendly product, made with natural oils and resins, as well as water. It’s perfect for when you are stuck between using an oil based or water based stain. Sansin’s stains allow wood to breathe freely, letting wood naturally adjust to changing moisture levels in the environment. We sell a number of different Sansin products that are specifically designed for certain jobs.

“Dec” is a rugged two-coat formula made for decks since they withstand a lot of foot traffic, furniture, and weather conditions. It has excellent lasting protection against UV exposure and rain. It’s made with strong pigmentation, allowing your deck to last longer and look better.

Sansin DEC


“SDF” is made for siding, logs, decks, or fences. This one-coat formula’s oils penetrate into the wood, providing great UV and weather protection. It comes in a range from colours including natural, semi-transparent, and solid. This product works great in moisture-rich environments, thanks to it being highly water-repellent. It allows your wood to breathe, stopping rot from occurring by preventing moisture from getting trapped in the wood.

Sansin SDF

“ENS” is a great product, and can be applied to any project, new or old. It’s a durable two-coat finish that enhances the natural grain and character of your wood. This product is highly resistant to wear, provides excellent UV protection, and doesn’t fade over time.Sansin ENS

These are just some of the great products that Sansin makes. We invite you to come in and check out our selection of Sansin products, and to see our sample colours on real cedar siding that we sell.

UV protection in stains?


When unstained wood is left outside, the sun and rain work together to decompose the wood. When rain seeps into the wood cells, it saturates them. The sun then dries out the cells and natural preservatives in the wood, which then makes it susceptible to wood rot and discolouration. UV protection in stain is a crucial component, protecting the lignin (which holds the wood fibres together) from breaking down. Transparent Iron Oxide pigments in the stain absorb UV radiation, while colour pigments enhance the appearance of your project. These pigments are highly durable, making them a great addition to the stain used to protect your wood. Since VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been taken out of many stains, the drying process has slowed down. UV rays act as an environmentally friendly way for stain to dry on wood.

Sun Picture

Sun damaged cedar