Jan 30, 2019

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LifeTime Wood Treatment


LifeTime Wood Treatment by Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd. is a non-toxic, eco-friendly wood treatment that extends the life of both indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. It is suitable for most, if not all, applications like: decks, fences, siding, flower pots, picnic tables, furniture, raised planters, birdhouses, doors, windows, gazebos, playgrounds, beehives, even floating rafts and marina docks. LifeTime penetrates and hardens wood fibres, without creating any harmful residue in soil or water. Many choose LifeTime solely based off the fact that it is much more affordable than many other stains and it is a one-time, one-coat product which means no maintenance as it will not peel or fade as natural weathering enhances the finished look of the product. While working on an outside project it proves helpful to keep a bucket of the product close by to dip board ends, fresh cuts etc.  For larger projects, set up a dipping tank on the ground that is large enough to completely immerse the wood in the solution. Allow wood to sit in the solution for a few minutes. Posts and other wood to be in direct contact with soil should soak for approximately 12 hours.


This product is best used on it’s own as other stains may react adversely and negate the weathering effects. You can still work with the treated products while they are wet as handling or walking on wet wood ill not permanently mark it, except if you sticker it right away. For faster weathering, and accelerated colour change, allow to dry completely (1-2 days) under normal conditions, then wet down with water. The more often the wood is exposed to water and sun, the faster the mature silver-to-dark-brown colour will develop. Since it contains no harsh chemicals, cleanup is easy with just warm soapy water for brushes, rollers, sprayers and hands. No solvents or thinners are required. To prolong the life of your wood, try to clean once a year to remove any dirt or organic accumulations. Wash only with soap and water with a strong bristles brush, or power washer.

Note: The use of oil based and latex products in combination with this product may diminish the effectiveness of this product. LifeTime treated wood requires no other sealers or treatments of any kind. One application will last for the life of the wood. Use care in applying solution as it may permanently stain fabrics, glass, vinyl, stucco, concrete, stone work or chinking. Do not use with fire retardant wood. Do not clean LifeTime treated wood with anything other than water and simple soap (if necessary). Be aware that urine and bird feces will significantly discolour treated wood.