Cedar Siding


-clear 6″ bevel siding on display.

Different Options 


Bevel and Channel are popular as they go with many different styles of homes.
There are options in Select Tight Knot or Clear with various lengths up to 20′.

-6″ Channel













-Haida Skirl

Haida Skirl


Sawn textured with natural live edge to accentuate the beauty inherent in Western Red Cedar. Available in Select Tight Knot or Clear (Special order)

Special Features

  • Sawn textured, fine grained to accentuate the natural beauty inherent in Western Red Cedar.
  • 100% tight knot or Permi-fused.
  • Also available in Clear grades.
  • High percentage of heartwood for added durability.
  • Available in 10″ and 12″ options






Channel siding is another great choice
for your house or shed project. There
are options in 6″and 8″. There are also 12″and 10″ options upon request.


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