Sansin Boracol

Sansin Boracol is an inorganic, water-diff-usable boron treatment that uses boric acid – a natural decay inhibitor – to fight fungi and insect infestations. Moisture is an essential ingredient for mold growth, so using a water-borne anti-fungal treatment like Sansin Boracol is particularly effective. The natural moisture of the wood itself carries the boric acid through the wood fibres to saturate and protect any wet areas. With a wider spectrum of activity than conventional preservatives, it migrates deep into timber and can even penetrate heartwood. Plus, Boracol works to prevent mold on inorganic materials like stone or concrete.

Boracol 20-2BD : Our toughest anti-fungal, effective in preventing and killing dry, wet or white rot; mold or algae fungi; and insect attacks.

Boracol 20-2 : Designed as a preventative and maintenance solution to protect against rot and fungi.

Boracol 10-2BD : Highly concentrated water-diff-usable boron – a natural decay inhibitor that fights fungi and insect infestations.