Sansin Aquagard

Even inorganic materials such as stone and masonry are susceptible to water absorption which (especially in colder climates) can cause extensive freeze/thaw damage. Sansin Aqua-Gard is a water-repellant coating engineered to protect new and existing above-ground concrete and masonry from weather damage. Aqua-Gard bonds with inorganic substrates to create a protective barrier that prevents water absorption and resists contaminants. Unlike paint, it won’t peel since it penetrates the substrate to protect from within.

Aqua-Gard is water-based, clear, odorless, and won’t discolor – it can even be tinted to act like a stain and match the color of your project. Because it repels water so aggressively, Aqua-Gard also works to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion. Sansin Aqua-Gard is suitable for brick walls and chimneys, stucco, roof tiles, concrete and masonry.

Aqua-Gard is also available in 5-gallon pails.

A similar product we also have would be the Wood Sealer.

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