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GRK Fasteners

GRK Screws are special hardened steel which make them great for tough and everyday jobs. Most GRK Screws are self-tapping which eliminate any pre-drilling.

We carry a wide variety of GRK screws including:

  • Multi-purpose Screws – for everyday use in wood, particle board, sheet metal, cement board and many other substrates.
  • Structural Screws – when a regular lag screw just won’t do it. No pre-drilling required and no worries of wood splitting or stripping of screws. Great for log and beam structures.
  • Composite Deck Screws – used for plastic or composite decking, with many colors available to color matching.
  • Trim Head Screws – are perfect for interior or exterior finishing work where you want a clean finished look and no screw head showing. Ideal for wood trim, windows, base boards, stairs and banisters.
  • Caliburn PH Screw – High Carbon Steel Screws meant for securing fixtures to concrete or masonry. Pre-drilling is required with these screws to ensure a tough hold.

Stainless Steel GRK Screws will be available in store soon.

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