Gatemate Suffolk Latch

Traditional Style Decorative Latch for wood Door/Gates.
Available in Black and Hot Dipped Galvanized.
Heavy Duty.

Fasteners Included, 5 per box
Suitable for up to 3″ Thick Doors or Gates.

How to Install the Suffolk Gate Latch:

NOTE: to be used on gates up to 3 ½” thick.

1      Establish a desired position of thumb piece, normally about 4” from ground level.  Measure to the center of the style and mark a vertical line 1½“ long.  Drill a ½“ hole at each end of the line and drill or cut out to make a slot 1½“ x ½“.

2      From the front, pass the thumb bit through the slot ensuring it is positioned so that it can be raised and lowered to its fullest extent.  Also, it should fall back under its own weight when raised.  Secure back plate with screws provided.

3      Moving to back of the door/gate, position the latch tail so that it is level and resting across the top of the  thumb bit. It should  overlap on to the door/gate frame by 1 ¼”.  Secure latch mount plate with screws provided.

4      Slide the keep over the end of the latch tail.  Keeping the latch bar level, lift keep up as far as possible without moving latch tail.  Secure keep with screws provided.

With the latch tail still level (resting on keep), position and fasten catch to door/gate frame with screws provided.

NOTE:  Dimensions are given for guidance only.  Individual doors/gates may require adjustments of some or all dimensions. Thicker doors/gates may require a longer slot.

Directions are for guidance only.  Requirements may vary due to individual circumstances.  We recommend drilling smaller pilot holes before screwing to reduce the chance of splitting wood, and when going completely through wood products, drill from both sides.