Gatemate Gravity Gate Closer

Old Fashioned Gate Closer works by gravity. Involves the installation of an additional Post behind the hinge post. Also known as a Cannonball closer. Create or Restore, the old world, colonial look with this authentic looking, yet practical gate closer.
Size of ball: 3 3/4″ solid metal.
Black finish.  (577 0953)
5 per box.

How to install a Gravity Gate Closer:

Position a ‘gate closer’ post in the ground as follows:

  • Perpendicular to fence line
  • 18-20 inches away from hinge post
  • Even with the hinge post
  • Protruding approx 26″ out of the ground

Fasten one end of the chain approx. 1/8″ to 1/2″ the width of the gate from the latch side of the gate and around 3 feet up from the bottom of the gate.

With the gate opened in te 90 degree position, extend the free end of the chain to the ‘gate closer post’ and attach so the chain is just about taut.

While the gate is open, using the mending link, fasten the ball to the chain (position the ball just behind, yet free of the gate post). The gate should now close easily and the ball should just barely clear the ground. If the ball touches the ground, attach the chain higher on the gate. Excess chain may be trimmed if desired.

It is recommended that a wood stop be installed on the latch post as a back up support even when a latch is used.

Directions are for guidance only.

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