Gatemate Gate Return Spring

Gate Return Spring (Gate Closer) from our Standard Gate Hardware Collection for wood gates.
Available in Durable Black Polyester Powder Coating over E/Galvanized, and Zinc. In 8″ or 10″.
Fasteners Included.
40 per box.

How to Install the Gate Return Spring:

NOTE:     An awl or 3/32” drill bit are needed.

1. With gate/door in closed position, place on hinge side with top of spring to the right and bottom of spring to the left of hinge and as vertical as possible.  Note: Top is adjustable – bottom has fixed pin.  Position gate return spring plates tilted to the right as shown and mark holes in top plate.  Use awl or 3/32” bit to drill holes & fasten with screws provided.

2. Repeat for bottom plate.

3. Adjust tension at top of spring with tool bar provided, turning clockwise to tighten.  Insert pin provided.

Directions are for guidance only.  Requirements may vary due to individual circumstances.  We recommend drilling smaller pilot holes before screwing to reduce the chance of splitting wood, and when going completely through wood products, drill from both sides.

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