Gatemate Antique Lever Lock Handle F.D.L.

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Gatemate Antique Lever Lock Handle F.D.L.

7″ x 2″ Lever Lock Handle in the fleur de leys style set including handles for both sides of the gate/door. Ideal for creating or restoring the old world look. Suitable for up to 3″ thick doors or gates. Recommended for use with Mortise Sash Lock. For thicker applications, extension spindle is available.
Hand Pounded Black Finish.
Stainless Steel Screws Included.
5 per box. (556 1753)

How to Install the Antique Lever Lock Handle:

NOTE: If locking is desired, install mortise first. (Mortise sold separately.)

Works on 1-7/8” – 2 ¼” thick door.  Thinner door will require spindle to be trimmed.  Thicker doors will require a longer spindle.

1. Determine desired handle height.

2. Drill a ½” hole 1 ¾” on center back from edge of door/gate.

3. Insert spindle in hole and position handles on either side of door.  Fasten handle plates with screws provided.

Directions are for guidance only.  Requirements may vary due to individual circumstances.  We recommend drilling smaller pilot holes before screwing to reduce the chance of splitting wood, and when going completely through wood products, drill from both sides.

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