What stain do I have? What can I put on-top of it?

It can be very difficult to determine what type of stain let alone what brand of stain is on the wood just from pictures. Just like car companies, most brands copy the colour and even the name of the colour of their competitors. It is very important to keep track of what stain you have on your product. We recommend on keeping the can and bringing it in so that we can identify what you need.

What we most often need to know is

  1. Oil or Water
  2. Brand Name
  3. Model Name
  4. Colour*

*Colour is nice but often with samples and  the other information we can determine the colour.


As for what you can put on top on top of it. We wouldn’t recommend putting any different stain on top another unless it is specifically designed for that purpose. Such as Sikkens Cetol 1 is designed to have Cetol 23+ as a top coat. Other than that I would never recommend putting a different stain on top. Most often the chemical will react negatively with each other. Even if they are both oil stains.


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